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Sour Rye

Made with our own dark rye starter and topped with poppyseeds,
this bread blends the tang of a sourdough with the consistency of a hearty dinner loaf.


  Walnut Bread

Our Walnut bread is a hearty mixed-grain bread flavored with toasted walnuts.



Flavored with millet, cornmeal, oats, and cracked wheat, this choice has become our customers' favorite.

See tutorials on kneading/folding and shaping this bread.
Kalamata Jack


Kalamata Jack Bread contains Kalamata Olives, chunks of Pepperjack Cheese, rosemary and thyme.

Rustic White

Rustic White

A lightly sour bread with a hint of whole wheat and rye, this is a "white" bread that has lots of flavor!

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Perfect for french toast or as a breakfast roll, this slightly sweet bread gets its golden color from its honey and eggs.

See a tutorial on shaping this bread into rolls and round loaves.
Buckwheat Flax


Mark's Buckwheat Bread is whole wheat, white and buckwheat flours with flax seeds added.

John & Jan's Hippie Bread

  Hippie Bread

This multigrain bread contains whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, sesame seeds, rye and honey.

Swedish Rye

 Swedish Rye  

Mark's newest recipe... delicious rye with fennel seed, cardamom, molasses, and orange!



Baked dark with a hard crust and cream-colored crumb

Sal's Rolls

Sal's Rolls  Sal's Rolls

Your personal baguettes!

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